anushtAnams (conduct)

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

1. How to bring naichya bhAvam (humility) naturally into our day to day behaviour?

2. Is it compulsory for us to learn dhivya prabandham from our samASrayaNa AchArya only?

3. How do we develop affection for bhAgavathas?

4. How to retain the early morning goodness throughout the day?

5. What are the fundamentals which a SrIvaishNava should understand and practice?

6. What should be an ideal daily routine of a SrIvaishNava?

7. What should be our general etiquette when we meet and speak to jIyars/AchAryas?

8. Who is a vaishNava? Who is a SrIvaishNava? How should vaishNavas interact with others?

9. How to develop attitude of praying to bhagavAn only for kainkaryam, not for other benefits?

10. How should a SrIvaishNava react to superstitious behaviour of people around him?

11. How to overcome typical comments from our relatives on our devotional practice?

12. How to create awareness in young generation people to follow sampradhAyam principles?

13. How do we address SrIvaishNavas – in terms of different age groups and genders?

14. What do we need to carry when we visit AchArya’s thirumALigai or mutt?

15. What is the difference between bhAgavatha and SrIvaishNava? Are they same or different?

16. How to avoid mAnasika apachArams towards a bhAgavatha? What prAyaschiththam should we do?

17. We say asmadhgurubhyO nama:/sarvam krishNArpaNam asthu. Please explain the significance.

18. How can we bring SrivaishNava principles into practice in our day to day life?

19. In our sampradhAyam, chanting of thirunAmams/dhvayam which is more recommended?

20. Is nAma sankeerthanam recommended for a person who has undergone pancha samskAram?

21. For a SrIvaishNava, focus should be on community sEvA or bhagavadh/bhAgavatha sEvA?

22. Can SrIvaishNavas go and offer milk to snakes in their burrows?

23. According to our sampradhAyam, how much is too much in taking care of our physical needs?

24. What are the standard rules to be followed for wearing a thuLasi mAlA?

25. Some cannot perform SrAdhdham due to financial situations. How to handle this?

26. If our forefathers already attained mOksham, is it necessary to do SrAdhdham for them?

27. Is a SrIvaishNava allowed to do any parihAram mentioned in jyOthisha SAsthram?

28. Should prapannas avoid friendship with opposite gender, other religions?

29. Can SrIvaishNavas worship dhEvathAs other than SrIman nArAyaNa?

30. If a prapanna/SaraNAgatha doesn’t follow the principles properly, will he be punished by God?

31. In our sampradhyAyam, can we break and offer coconuts in temples?

32.How can one progress in attaining Sishya lakshaNam? –

33. According to our sampradhAyam how to honour a guest who visits our home?

34. Debates vs person conduct/compassion – Which is more important for the present day?

35. Dilemma of sincere prapanna – solution for that