SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

1. Is SrIman nArAyaNa same as sathyanArAyaNa? Can SrIvaishNavas observe sathyanArAyaNa vratham?

2. What is the purpose of marriage in sanAthana dharma?

3. While looking for life partner, should we emphasis on spiritual compatibility or horoscope?

4. If one is in service to bhagavAn, is it necessary to marry? Or can we remain as brahmachAri?

5. In present world, how to raise children in a righteous way?

6. Are women permitted to read all parvas of mahAbhAratham?

7. Dhraupadhi was kshathrIya woman, yet she didn’t protect herself during vasthrApaharaNam. Why?

8. How were girls educated in olden days? Where they part of gurukulam?

9. What is the reason behind long life of people in previous yugas?

10. As per bhagavath gIthA, does karma yOga refer to just doing our duties without expectations?

11. According to sanAthana dharmam, who is budhdha?

12. What is ‘varNa sankara’ which is referred in bhagavadh gIthA chapter 1?

13. Apart from celestial bodies and humans, how is the intelligence expressed by other species?

14. vEdha vyAsa being incarnation of Lord vishNu, why did he compose rAjasa and thAmasa purANas?

15. thuLasi is considered to be very sacred. Is there any ithihAsam behind this?

16. How many upanishadhs are there? Are there exactly 108 upanishadhs or more?

17. How can bhagavAn be said as destroyer?

18. Is having devotion towards single form of bhagavAn considered higher nishtA (faith)?

19. bhagavadhgItha says a brAhmaNa and dog eater should be treated the same. How to implement this?

20. Women have restrictions in learning SAsthram. How can she raise her children in dhArmic way?

21. rig vEdham mentions about Lord Shiva being a smoker. Is this true?

22. Is gOlOkam, sAkEtham etc part of SrIvaikuNtam or are they different?

23. Any dhEvathA we pray, finally it goes to kESava only? Then why shouldn’t we worship them?

24. Why is bhAratha bhUmi called karma bhUmi and rest of the world as bhOga bhUmi?

25. As per SAsthram, please explain the difference between AthmA in humans and other species.

26. Even after studying vEdham,why karma/gyana/bhakthi yogis,kaivalyarthis do not do SaraNAgathi?

27. How do we understand that our samsAra bIjam is eliminated or not?

28. What is the concept of liberation according to different schools of thought in vEdhAntha?

29. Why do dhEvathAs want us to worship them? What do they get from that?

30. Do we need to circumambulate (pradhakshiNa) temples? What is the significance behind it?

31. If vaishNavas go to SrIvaikuNtam, where do the Saivites go?

32. vaikuNtam is always full of sathva guNam, why bhagavAn created world with rajO/thamO guNam?

33. Can AthmA reach bhagavAn through his own efforts or by will of bhagavAn? bhakthi vs prapaththi

34. When AthmA has a sankalpam, bhagavAn shows us the way. Please explain.–Nqc?list=PLcJLpGJlP9mq1ujSPoQLn5ayAi6Jl6Www

35. Can we prostrate in opposite direction in front of dhvaja sthambam?

36. To control our thoughts, is AthmA’s will sufficient or bhagavAn’s compassion is also required?

37. Are we suppose to do anything for removal of evil eye or not required at all?

38 How is SAsthram allowing animal sacrifice while considering killing of anything to be sinful?

39. How to attract general people towards spiritualism as per their interests?

40. It is said that AthmA always existed and karma is anAdhi. Please explain. –

41. Can adhvaithIs be called as kaivalyArthIs?

42. Is bhagavAn only means to attain him and not his nAmam?

43. – What is the significance of panguni mAsam?

44. ஒரு உண்மையான ப்ரபன்னனுடைய குழப்பங்கள் – அவற்றுக்கான தீர்வுகள்

45. Who is SrImahAlakshmi? Is she a jIvAt or a celestial entity?

46.  Our AchAryas were sanyAsis, but we see their vigrahams with lot of jewels. Kindly explain.

46.  In temples. are we allowed to hArathi?