AhAra niyamam (Food restrictions)

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

1. Can a SrIvaishNava eat dhEvathAnthara prasAdham? What to do if anyone offers such prasAdham? https://youtu.be/i-5rNiTdmws

2. What prAyaSchiththam should we do if we eat non-vegetarian food unknowingly? https://youtu.be/NqBqcbJUGRE

3. In viSvarUpam, bhagavAn shows all in him. But why we shouldn’t take anyadhEvathA prasAdham? https://youtu.be/JLedmusPrps

4. What are the general food restrictions we need to follow as per our sampradhAyam? https://youtu.be/LNsHQEo-Mh0

5. In our sampradhAyam which granthams explain food regulations generally and in chAthur mAsam? https://youtu.be/7bwToV0mtwk?si=joUwzTSYIWhMBw7S

6. Without following food restrictions can we get brahma gyAnam? https://youtu.be/IpdODnCAXyk?si=BL-hjbM_eHZguNgP

7. How to retain sAthvic state of our mind all through the day? https://youtu.be/izpliFqM5VE?si=g7_4sJ7cbkL3P8wb

8. I feel excited to hear kAlakshEpams but feel anxious when grasping the content. Is this right? – https://youtu.be/BYRxpbOXfkc

9. Is it necessary for a SrIvaishNava to observe EkAdhaSi fasting? https://youtu.be/mpJT-UrKvMU

10. Why is there a difference in EkAdhaSi fasting in south and north of our country? https://youtu.be/xP9co-eQvSc

11. Can we accept prasAdhams offered to other dhEvathAs which were offered to nArAyaNan first? https://youtu.be/a6ocK0YP1CU?feature=shared

12. Why are food items like tea, coffee, onion, garlic etc prohibited in our sampradhAyam? https://youtu.be/sBKzVohimik?feature=shared

13. Knowing bhagavAn is like eating little, bhAgavatha is like eating stomach full. Please explain https://youtu.be/oGsU_k8SanU?feature=shared

14. How should we honour prasAdham given to us in temples? https://youtu.be/SAL3qa6nJbA?si=EzK9XtUHtSg_-ja8

15. How should we honour thIrtham given to us in temples? https://youtu.be/6bZxD7z3wng?si=6geCCtgwLeTFsHC6

16. How should we honour SrI SatAri given to us in temples? https://youtu.be/47e3DfxIJMI?si=Vusm4sPeAw4ij8UC

17. How to aviod apachArams while taking thIrtham, prasAdham and SrI SatAri? https://youtu.be/mp0ABH0kvuc?si=E6Im4lS7JenqPeEa