dhivya prabandham

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

1. Why is dhivya prabandham only available in thamizh? – https://youtu.be/ZN_13UM8nHw

2. Can we chant thiruppAvai,thiruppaLLiyezhuchchi between kArthikai kArthikai and dhanur mAsam? – https://youtu.be/A74I9ykxY_g

3. Why is kaNNinuN chiRuththAmbu considered as center point of dhivya prabandham? – https://youtu.be/pQxIcTMLoC0

4. Why are some dhivya prabhandha pAsurams recited twice? https://youtu.be/wNomtMUNq1c

5. In thiruppaLLiyezhuchchi we see mention of demigods, why there is no mention of nithyasUris?https://youtu.be/8xLJfYsmFvA

6. Are we eligible to do mangaLASAsanams to bhagavAn? https://youtu.be/ow7GV6g92js

7. Does ANdAL refer to the Azhwars in pAsurams/verses 6 to15 of thiruppAvai?https://youtu.be/lv0f3lo6174

8. What are the restrictions for reciting thiruppAvai and dhivya prabandham? https://youtu.be/t9Q0SsIZPYc

9. Can we catagorise learning dhivya prabandham or sampradhAyam knowledge as gyAna/bhakthi yOga? https://youtu.be/vphQgojyiSk?list=PLcJLpGJlP9mq1ujSPoQLn5ayAi6Jl6Www

10. In perumAL thirumozhi thanian why mention of green parrot, when parrots are naturally green? https://youtu.be/QaexFn_EeVc?feature=shared

11. When nanjIyar recited thiruvAimozhi pAsuram, bhattar became ecstatic, fainted.Please explain https://youtu.be/Ad8wbj4O260?feature=shared

12. Narrating which pAsuram did nammAzhwAr faint? https://youtu.be/VgwD-4ACUqU?feature=shared

13.  In thiruppallANdu, its said that sudharSana chakram is more radiant than bhagavAn. Explain https://youtu.be/ptqY3aJaQfA?feature=shared

14. Why is thiruvAimozhi is considered dhrAvida vEdha sAgaram? https://youtu.be/iPBPro-IkJk?si=axe3SKdQA400nKo3

15. Apart from upadhESa rathna mAlai is there any grantham which details AzhwArs thirunakshatrams? https://youtu.be/bw_ruCtdb0s?si=GMJZC8wYF-y2cL_a

16. What is the history behind of which pAsurams are marked to be chanted twice? https://youtu.be/wEe45X1vg74?si=SbTVBUMpiIr-FB0v

17. When kaNNinuN chiRuththAmbu is recited, is it true that perumAL listens in the mood of yaSOdhA? https://youtu.be/C3iO91Doy34?list=PLcJLpGJlP9mq1ujSPoQLn5ayAi6Jl6Www

18. What is iyal sARRu? When is it recited? https://youtu.be/ip6Qpd–An0?feature=shared

19. In some of the pAsurams, AzhwAr mentions about thrimUrthi sAmyam. Please explain. https://youtu.be/R1dw4pXbE_Q?feature=shared

20. In thiruppallANdu, please explain the meaning of the word ‘appAnjasanniyamum’ https://youtu.be/d1rBYdOfF9o?feature=shared

21. dhvAra pAlakas are glorified by ANDAL but cursed by four kumAras. Please explain this difference https://youtu.be/AgidxCpQdGw?list=PLcJLpGJlP9mq1ujSPoQLn5ayAi6Jl6Www

22. What is the real meaning of svApadhESam? https://youtu.be/_1u21Q0X5KY?si=O4_mV_xICcMpjG6M

23. Is there any difference between ‘manasu’ and ‘nenju’ (mind and heart)? or are they same? https://youtu.be/K6PoYA5n_Ns?si=_Y_ud8U5bcT6sPmD

24. Among dhivya prabandhams, why thiruppAvai alone have so many vyAkhyAnams? https://youtu.be/PTnAXxXIz2s?si=HNF9aBGbpKD23jxU

25. According to thiruppAvai, what is the real upAyam to reach bhagavAn? https://youtu.be/Y3bBSGgBqbM?si=MCzbZmDxc6ZLZpwr

26. Are there any literature equivalent to dhivya prabandhams in other languages? https://youtu.be/Z5ffnwoQWlg?si=IwD1INOatmVLYLbt

27. Are there any pAsurams attributed to periya pirAtti for eternally beinghttps://youtu.be/p3uEuEU1Tqs?si=C6EQNN-_Ix6mIps9 with periya perumAL?

28. Are there any specific pAsurams in thiruvAymozhi which directly connect to dhvaya manthram?https://youtu.be/SdftmSLUhOo?si=P5iJDHjjcYUu-AVL

29. pEyAzhwAr in mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi equates rudhra and vishNu in same form. Please explain.https://youtu.be/zPaJKAuB8Q0?si=A7Pk7YnPindTorDa

30.  What does thiruvhttps://youtu.be/wEXU878deu4?si=RZxJPYQT-1nanUAvhttps://youtu.be/wEXU878deu4?si=RZxJPYQT-1nanUAvAimozhi mean?

31.  Where can we find reference of hanumAn in dhivya prabandhams?https://youtu.be/sqswI0X3Bq4?si=KV38kBDeD5b1-Cg-

32.  pEyAzhwAr in mUnRAm thirhttps://youtu.be/zPaJKAuB8Q0?si=Qc4Uf9QhqNS_nMUHuvandhAdhi equates rudhra and vishNu in same form. Please explain.

33. In pAsurams, we come across thttps://youtu.be/rAJ9-nVYsPk?si=-a3Osg1JRvwjDVm0he phrase ‘oru paththu’ many times. Explain the significance.

34. nammAzhwAr says “Beauthttps://youtu.be/Q1IpmYjrJs4?si=FuXk8QpZklZ0UVLmy of his crown is tormenting me more than anything”. Kindly explain.

35. It is said that we should https://youtu.be/ZmP94BBAZQk?si=We85MYL_NkPqBrCUconcentrate more on dhivyaprabhandham than vEdham. Kindly explain.

36. Why pAsurams pronunciation inhttps://youtu.be/Pa2eaJ6tGOQ?si=Xywkqv2M53VVFJS6 one dhivya dhEsham is different from another?

37. https://youhttps://youtu.be/U1giJjWVVsg?si=XnnINHjsXebKUzjJtu.be/j_84P4K2tQ0?si=8y3FbHXHECuukUzy