dhivya dhESams/uthsavams

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

  1. Greatness of SrIrangam panguni uthsavam/uthram – https://youtu.be/ukYNh6WJM3s

2. In our sampradhAyam why SrIrangam,thirumala,kAnchi,thirunArAyaNapuram considered most important? https://youtu.be/znVq6pO_oGg?

3. What is the significance of navarAthri in our sampradhAyam? How is it celebrated? https://youtu.be/WhKJpym6Pfk?si=jlox1-XrANOXYA24

4. Where should one spend the last days of their life? https://youtu.be/1dV-A3LbIqA?list=PLcJLpGJlP9mq1ujSPoQLn5ayAi6Jl6Www

5. Apart from visiting dhivya dhESams which other pilgrim places should a SrIvaishNava visit? https://youtu.be/UbFqnc6OVSo?list=PLcJLpGJlP9mq1ujSPoQLn5ayAi6Jl6Www

6. Where is bhavishyadhAchArya vigraham which was given by nammAzhwAr to SrIman nAthamunigaL? https://youtu.be/HSiyvjYKq3g?feature=shared

7. How to avoid entering into other dhEvathA sannidhIs in some dhivyadhESams? https://youtu.be/roJfuwj2WGk?feature=shared

8. Is it possible to see all 106 dhivyadhESams of this world in one life time? https://youtu.be/0nC366ND4nI?feature=shared

9. Are vrindhAvan and ayOdhya appropriate places for a SrIvaishNava to live? https://youtu.be/Phka4TgHqyg?feature=shared

10. In temples we see various animals in service of bhagavAn. Are they higher than we humans? https://youtu.be/UdYeVQ_x1Ik?si=OJOFxn5DxamLfwOn

11. Like nammAzhwAr paramapadha uthsavam, do we celebrate for thirumangai AzhwAr’s also? https://youtu.be/s6e3AjfHBds?si=iF9_sjO64s2_7zhe

12. Please explain the story behind perumAL having moustache in thiruvallikkENi dhivya dhESam.https://youtu.be/uW44WQOb_Fg?si=GtmiZSCqzFMOzz3L

13. What is the significance of theppOthsavam (boat festival) which happens in dhivyadhESams?https://youtu.be/sqlzLPUrSgc?si=_dI7cHVkEABPcZns

14.  Surrendering to thirumalA is greatehttps://youtu.be/f82opTu5o-I?si=SBOyv4p72VyvXfM2r than surrendering to thiruvEndagamudaiyAn. Explain.

15. Why perumAL is more attachehttps://youtu.be/7oh5omZ7Ae0?si=Qi5fMaD5yKtQZFqBd to people who live in dhivya dhESams?

16. Why many of the dhivya dhESams are in Kerala and Tamil nadu only?https://youtu.be/DsBgOsRBiFA?si=UVqkQ6CeMrjlHq4p

17. -badhrinAth is birth place of thirumanthram. Explain about nara/nArAyaNa rishis.AchArya/Sishyahttps://youtu.be/Eavs_d12N2s?si=z8nob-6b30f0ciYF

18. periya perumAL is compared to krishNa and namperumAL is compared to rAma. Please explain.https://youtu.be/9g-q_fIvYrU?si=a1v-I_ik_eJFF-JH